Be Merciful To Those Who Doubt, Snatch Others From The Fire, Show Mercy Mixed With FearBe Merciful To Those Who Doubt, Snatch Others From The Fire, Show Mercy Mixed With Fear

Snatch it if you can
for who knows how long
this moment may last
because everyone knows you can bring a horse to water
but quite sadly you can never make it drink
So let them live in their sullenness, deprivation, abstinence
as there are innumerable ways to spoil the party,


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sit down celebrations for congressmen, philosophers and worse for some people believe that they have the power, possibly there is no doubt
But let us praise the skeptics and tip our hats to their quirks for if there were hardly any, life could be a pickle just remember to grab it from her purse because there are few objects that can bring her to her knees to make her grumble, swear and curse still this might be the beauty of the thing, a cucumber in disguise, a green vegetable for you to scorn and spurn but of course there are other things slipping up and down, heating up the stew simmering in the pot yet it is the fear that leaves an indelible scar grafting on the skin leaving many marks in unknown places upon a mystery print, big dents and blemishes on slippery surfaces that have been known to release a very ugly oil, no good for painting on a palette unfavorable for drinking wine Still this is where the real interest may come in, camouflage, false appearances, deceptive markings, mimicry of the highest quality, vaudeville, minstrel shoes, black shoe shine but this hardly means that there is no value in the process, in fact it is no ordinary show, there are moon beams in busted snatch light grand dementia within an astral flight but this does not mean that there are no seminars to be had sessions to be heard for there are plenty of aberrations to go around mishaps in the memory a host of ethereal unspoken words but whatever you do don’t let it surprise you as it should never be denied that it is only you because so many people have come before standing in line, in cue a host of cynics in all shapes and colors, unbelievers, doubters, a doubting Thomas or two but this is where the real debate begins for those who are taking up their slack renouncing the sins of the material world doing there very best to wander in the dark, serving fresh fish at dinnertime trying to overcome the