Condemn the Global Warming Prophets of Doom!

Condemn the Global Warming Prophets Page Design Shop  of Doom!Many religious people have joined the Liberals and Democrats in calling for global warming mitigation. These religious types claim that since God built the earth he would want us to keep it very nice. There is only one problem with all that, the Pope (famous Catholic Leader) says that global warming is not real and that the prophets of doom are nothing more than fear mongering individuals with an agenda.

How is it then that religious people can disavow what the Pope says and condemn those scientists who have research reports and academic studies that have been peer-reviewed that prove global warming is NOT caused by emissions of CO2 from mankind’s activities. Most all scientists will agree that the Earth’s atmosphere goes through changes and cycles from warming periods to cooling periods and that includes ice ages.

It appears for the last 10,000 years that we have been in a warming period and life has flourished. But, now global warming alarmists are winning Nobel peace prizes for telling us that we are all going to die because of the pollution that we have created. They say that the seas will rise 20 to 40 feet and everyone on the coasts will drown.


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They tell us there will be huge droughts, that our crops will fail and that millions will die of disease and famine. “The global warming alarmists are prophets of doom” says the pope. Yet their predictions of cataclysmic events unfolding if taken in their literal sense appear to be almost biblical in nature.

Article describing the Pope in a speech chastising those who are scaring people into believing in the Global Warming fear mongering.