Do You Lose Sleep Over Other’s Opinion of You?

Well, let me explain a little to you here.

When a lion or lioness is trotting through the veld doing its thing in the wild, minding his / her own business so to speak and then all of a sudden it finds a sheep on its path, right there in front of it.

Does it think it stops to think to itself: ‘Hey, that’s a sheep; I wonder if it likes me or not? Maybe I should ask the sheep? I do hope it approves of me. I don’t think I will be able to sleep properly tonight in my den until I have it out with the sheep and find out’.

No, you are right not a chance in hell is there. After all, it’s a lion for crying out load. Lion’s don’t worry about what other’s think.


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So, to continue with our story the lion sees the sheep and pounces on it then devours it, eating it without a second thought and trots on through the veld.

That’s the lion and lionesses for you. They don’t mess about in life. They know a thing or two about survival instinct and standing up for themselves in the wild.

What’s the point of all this you are asking yourself right? Well, you could learn an awful lot from this little lion in the wild. People ask every day how I personally have risen above any negative comments or criticism about the things I do in my job or in life. I say to them, ‘Simple, I don’t listen to sheep’.

Now, as in life, I guarantee you that you will always get a few sheep who may be brave enough to come up to you and say your work just isn’t up to scratch. They always have an opinion. It’s usually after the sheep have had a few drinks and are feeling brave enough to take on the odd lion or two with their new found courage.

I guarantee this will happen to you at some point in your life or at work.

Now, you could choose to listen to the sheep or you could do what any self-respecting lion or lioness would do and that is to devour it or ignore it.

You certainly wouldn’t sit it down for a chat on how they could change their opinion and behavior towards you now would you if you were that lion?

Be careful to who you listen to and whose opinion you take on board.

You have to be the lion and lionesses out there in the world because a hell of a lot of bravery is involved in getting up in front of people and doing your work and not just going with the flow. It’s not sheep’s work at all to stand tall and be counted. So don’t let them push you around. Stand tall and be a lion.

Now, time is running out. If you are serious about becoming the person you know you are deep down inside. Be that lion and go get life.