Do You Tend to Please Others Before Pleasing Yourself?

Your resistant state longer. And the reason so many people hold themselves in resistance unnecessarily is because it is more important to them to be “right” rather than to feel good. ~Abraham Hicks
Are you always caught defending yourself to prove your point?

In life, there are people we follow because we feel they are so successful in their endeavors. You then attempt to take things into your own hand and instead of being a follower you work hard and start to lead. You have already followed the steps needed in your business and feel that you are farther along that you anticipated. A team begins to form and then before you know it here comes those who feel like you are not doing what you need to do and that you will not succeed in the business that you do. So, you stop for a minute because now you are second guessing yourself about taking the lead and producing more fruits for profit. Maybe that person is right.

Now the negative person who has told you that you are somewhat a nobody, is a somebody to you. When you stopped producing and being a leader, you gave that negative person the pleasure that they wanted from you.

Let me ask you this question, why in the world would you allow yourself to give pleasure to someone else? Especially, someone who is not going to benefit from your success, but only your failure. You have to stop allowing that to happen. When you are in business it is just like being in a relationship. You can’t learn to love someone else without loving yourself first and foremost. So, when you are doing your business you already took the step to follow the concepts from a leader who was very much successful. In turn, you learned enough to be successful and now you can show others to do the same thing.

It’s okay to say no whenever you feel you need some time for yourself. You to deserve to be happy. You to deserve to feel what its like to want to depend on yourself to do what you want when you want without having to worry about taking care of someone else’s need. You deserve to do what you want when you want without feeling guilty for not being a burden to yourself because you want to help someone else. Your rule of them from now on should be if it doesn’t make you happy first, don’t do it, no matter what the situation is, unless it’s a life or death situation.

In all, stop allowing someone else’s decision determine how you will be successful in your own business. In the words of Abraham Hicks, “You must be willing to please yourself first or you will often be swept up by the negativity that surrounds you.