Promotion of Promotional Gifts? Yes, that is Possible Also

The number of ‘attic’ web shops is sprouting like mushrooms. The offer of these web shops is sold under the mum of promotional gifts and premiums. Online competition is increasing and that can be seen in Google’s search results. Are you active in e-commerce? You cannot miss these tips. When you go for the Gifts Singapore then the right promotion for those gifts are essential.

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‘Outsourcing’ vs. ‘in-house SEO’ in a crowded market

Type in the word ‘business gifts’ and you will see that every website is competing for a top position. Large web shops are having a hard time, because even the ‘attic’ web shops have access to Google AdWords and are not afraid to spend money on paid advertisements. The large web shops outsource the search engine optimization (SEO) activities, while the medium and small web shops compete with low prices. Add to this that the promotional gifts offered generally come from the same suppliers: the promotional gift industry is overcrowded.

Is SEO more important than social media?

Many promotional gift shops do not see the usefulness of social media and opt for SEO. A number of known factors are the amount of ‘like’, ratio followers and following, number of rewets, quantity + 1’s, and much more. Particularly in this competitive sector, distinction is very important.

Be distinctive and do not become a uniform

It is a trend to compare the prices of different business gifts web shops. Ten years ago, internet users visited one or two websites and they made a choice. A distinctive internet strategy is therefore of great importance for the various providers. With the rise of social media, the battle for attracting new customers has become even stronger. This error is often made. Facebook is much more personal than Twitter. The people who join a promotional gifts page expect a different ‘approach’ than the followers on Twitter. So the new of every gift item, from the Custom Power Banks to every other one, you will have the awareness of them well spread.

Personal contact is decisive during decision making process

The personal bond with the customer is becoming increasingly important. Retaining existing customers is much cheaper than searching for new customers. Search for a dialogue with the target group on Twitter and try to meet his needs for information. For providers of premium and promotional gifts, it is worth mentioning the address and telephone number.

Segment the target group into expectations and needs

85% of business gifts are ordered by women. Segment this target group and add them on Twitter. Do research on the target group and determine on the basis of this research how you can achieve them. Consider for example the writing style and the time of communication.


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