What is Life? A Critical Analysis on e book of Erwin Schrodinger and Its Philosophical Significance

What is Life?

We all understand that a lifestyle is born on Earth, grows, multiplies and subsequently stops all its sports by way of the method referred to as dying. For a common guy, LIFE way the sports between the beginning and dying while virtually it isn’t so, as might be visible in this article. Also, for our article, let us bear in mind human lifestyles for discussion because people have the particular assets known as Intelligence, popularly referred to as the sixth experience. By distinctive feature of this unique capacity, man does no longer stop with the procedures of birth and loss of life, however, goes beyond that by means of carrying out studies about the origin of lifestyles.

In fact, life includes three components.

1. Life earlier than Birth which should be rightly referred to as, “Status of Life earlier than Birth”

2. Life for the duration of the duration masking delivery to demise and

3. Life after dying i.E.: repute of Life after death”

Let us do not forget all of the above 3 aspects each in scientific and philosophical points of view.

1. Status of Life Before Birth:

What is the popularity of life before beginning? For understanding this, one has to be capable of visualizing a status past space, time and conservation legal guidelines. It is handiest all through birth lifestyles enters the fabric Universe, which basically includes area, time and conservation legal guidelines. One more hobby of life is THOUGHT which has created the Universe around him in which he is dwelling. Discussions about this kind of components are reserved for destiny and what we’re discussing right here entails only the bodily components of lifestyles. Naturally, before delivery, life is without any bodily rely. But all of the plans are already coded in an aircraft above the cloth Universe that is activated throughout beginning consistent with the name of the game code already inscribed. Life

A. The concept of the MASTER INTELLIGENT PLAN is proposed by using the writer of this text, Inasmuch SPACE and TIME belong to material Universe, INTELLIGENCE belongs to an aircraft ABOVE the cloth Universe. The truth that life is continuously generated in diverse types of dwelling beings leads us to suppose that there ought to be an aircraft which stores all the secrets of lifestyles. That generator should incorporate the whole genetic code in a subtle form. That plane is named as MASTER INTELLIGENT PLAN, implying that the name of the game code is inscribed within the form of a PLAN as a way to spread in direction of time as existence proceeds.

In the opinion of this writer, LIFE isn’t always a lot special from INTELLIGENCE. In other words only shrewd beings ‘stay’, a man owning the very best shape of intelligence. That intelligence is in the form of a grasp plan with diverse genetic codes imprinted in it. That Master Intelligent Plan (M.I.P) is behind the manifestation of life, preservation and all the behavior we see on Earth.

Like computer systems, the master shrewd plan is also binary in nature. (Or is it the opposite manner? Let us provide a thought over this). The matter is an Ordinary nation, and Life is an excited kingdom. Matter, due to various reactions, chemical and physical, is able to touch the lifeline that’s none aside from the Master Intelligent Plan and life is shaped. These reactions in micro stage cause person life and at macro degree cause evolution. This is a simple remedy of ways Intelligence enters life from Master Intelligent Plan to live throughout the birth.

B.The concept of ‘Aperiodic’ Crystal Introduced through E.Schrodinger in His Book “Book of Life”

The above paragraph treated how Intelligence entered existence. Regarding the fabric components of existence causing bodily frame, the concept of ‘aperiodic’ crystal was added with the aid of E.Schrodinger to outline the fundamental detail growing lifestyles. He envisaged a detail which is not labeled with the aid of periodic desk, subsequently past material perception, and it contained genetic data in its configuration of covalent bonds. Later, scientists who observed DNA recounted that Schrodinger’s aperiodic crystal was the forerunner for DNA which carried the genetic code for generations. A look at about RNA and DNA will make it very clear how the genetic codes imprinted in the Master Intelligent Plan are carried over technology after generation.

2. Life From Birth to Death:

A: Biochemical Theories of Life:

The protein-making equipment of a cell acts as the spring of all biochemical reactions and it’s miles referred to as the Living State. (According to Prof Late R.Balasubramanian I.I.T, Chennai). The D.N.A molecules change thru mutations and are instrumental in generating proteins, which decide the biochemical traits. The complicated equipment makes use of existing proteins for synthesizing similarly proteins. A large R.N.A is the important thing molecule inside the protein synthesizing mechanism.

The basis for this building mechanism is the name of the game code imbibed with the aid of the Master Intelligent Plan, as noted in the foregoing paragraph.

B: Concept of Entropy and Negative Entropy (as discussed by E.Schrodinger):

In truth, the idea of Negative Entropy is one which has given a brand new size to the look at of what is lifestyles. Let us see first what the definition of Entropy is. The term entropy isn’t always new to a graduate pupil of Physics. It is a thermodynamic term which means unavailability of a gadget’s power to work. A lower in strength availability is observed with the aid of an increase in entropy. All irreversible processes in a closed gadget are for that reason followed via boom in entropy. Schrodinger takes up the famous idea that the boom in entropy is a degree of DISORDER. The entropy of the Universe is regularly growing and subsequently, the sickness keeps increasing as properly. This applies to all of the systems in Universe till an EXTERNAL AGENCY interferes and reverses the direction. That external organization inside the form of strength converts entropy as NEGATIVE ENTROPY by way of giving sparkling delivery of power, for that reason converting sickness to order. Hence entropy brings disorder, negative entropy brings order. Schrodinger applies this easy mechanism to lifestyles.

In other words, it’s far the mechanism with the aid of which any organism sucking orderliness from its surroundings is capable of stay and the substantial Universe is the employer which components that orderliness. That technique is called smart residing and any intelligent dwelling being got its delivery of poor entropy (ORDER) from the environment. The most powerful supplier of an order for dwelling organism is the SUN which provides all of the assists for protection of lifestyles.

B1: An Example of ENTROPY (Disorder) and NEGATIVE ENTROPY (order):

As mentioned in the above paragraph, while entropy will increase disease increases. In fact, it is unidirectional like the time arrow. Even the Sun which substances large energy within the Solar system is tormented by this law and someday it could also die because of the manner called Heat dying. However, the dwelling items keep away from the above law by means of deriving bad entropy (order) from the universe surrounding it.

Intelligence is the cause which enables the living beings to draw that order. For example, an ailment can be classified as entropy whereas the drugs that guy has found to therapy it gives an order which facilitates him to extend his life. Even everyday food, sunlight and so forth offer such electricity to derive order. We shall see an illustration from medication to highlight how the idea of negative entropy nullifies sickness. Erwin Schrodinger

B2: Example of Penicillin as Supplier of Negative Entropy:

The idea of poor entropy as a supplier of ORDER may be applied to MEDICINE taking the sickness as DISORDER and remedy as an order. We shall don’t forget PENICILLIN for the purpose of explaining the above.

The DISORDER is caused by gram nice bacteria together with the ones causing syphilis, meningococcal meningitis, fuel gangrene, pneumococcal pneumonia, and a few staphylococcal and streptococcal infections. Penicillin is effective in opposition to such issues in lots of cases. The class of penicillin that includes ampicillin andamoxillin with clavulanate is towards gram wonderful and gram poor bacterias such as Haemophilias’ influenza which efficiently therapies the sickness.(More information can be obtained from books on a medicinal drug in this topic)

B3: Co-Meditation as Supplier of Negative Entropy:

Sometimes even a psychological help will carry in essential energy to carry again order. In this regard, the saying of J.Krishnamurti, the sector well-known Indian Philosopher (1896-1987) is quoted as follows:

Krishnamurti with a dying patient:

Quote: He (the dying affected person) said, “I’m demise. Disease, Incurable. And I’m fearful” So I (J.K) sat with him and held his hand, and said “Let us die together” “If there’s any kind of attachment. I’ll die with you. You are free of attachment. Unquote.

This is what Ramana Maharishi did for his demise mom. Several Christian preachers carry out this co-meditation for the dying sufferers.

Co-meditation brings peace to the dying patients by infusing substantial electricity that’s otherwise referred to as ‘poor entropy’ in bodily aircraft.

However, dying is sure of organisms. In course of time, the dwelling being lost its strength in drawing the order and sooner or later ceases to exist which manner is referred to as Death.

Hence, creation with the aid of the Master Intelligent Plan, preservation by way of presenting Order and destruction through loss of life is going on with no end in sight and the Universe by no means ceases to exist.

B4: RELIGION: BHAGAVAT GITA on Negative Entropy:

When seeds are sown, it’s far vital that they have to be nicely fertilized. In addition to that, the removing system also is to be accomplished. Insensible life, if unscrupulous humans turn out to be a majority, the world could be absolutely ruined. How to compensate this disorder and convey ailment?

Lord Krishna, in Bhagavad Gita, says: “Whenever Dharma (ORDER) decreases and Adharma (sickness) begins ruling, in every and each such age (YUG), I shall show up myself in action, I shall annihilate the evil and establish the coolest. (Verse no 8, chapter IV).

If one is aware the truth behind this verse, he need not worry that the Universe will come to a stop at some point whereas the Truth is that it will stay there forever.

What greater we need to outline the idea of Negative Entropy which E.Schrodinger added out in his e-book?

Three. Status of Life After Death:

Religious leaders and scriptures have informed in numerous ways that there is death best for the physical frame however the scheme at the back of it known as SOUL by no means dies. Hindu Philosophy has placed a KARMA concept stating that as in keeping with the Karma (acts) completed in this beginning, the existence goes to the subsequent birth. Without going to the deserves or demerits of the above, let us see how a life is going to future lives.

It is the company conclusion of the author that life can tour most effective through the name of the game code written in GENES, transmuted from Master Intelligent plan through RNAs and DNAs. There is no other way for life to tour. The genes are transferred throughout life itself to the future generations. The onward transmission of DNA and RNA by way of duplicate constitutes the transformation of lifestyles into destiny lives sporting over the genetic codes. On one hand, a newborn baby has existence because of the genes inherited, and on the alternative, it improves its intelligence thru numerous stories and knowledge gained because of training and so forth. All through its life period. During its life length, it transfers that code by further duplicate.

There isn’t any demise for the secret codes inscribed in the genes. They have carried over generations after generations and live perpetually.

In other phrases, a transformation of CODES from the MASTER INTELLIGENT PLAN is BIRTH, Transformation due to various studies is LIFE and wearing them over to destiny generations can be known as Re-birth.


In this newsletter, we saw the subsequent points:

1. Various genetic codes are inscribed within the minutest shape in a process referred to as MASTER INTELLIGENT PLAN.

2. They are transferred to shrewd lifestyles thru aperiodic crystals (as propounded by E.Schrodinger) which were known later as DNA and RNA molecules.

3. Living beings enhance upon the organism by gaining more and more intelligence and drawing order from environment referred to as Negative Entropy. (E.Schrodinger). For this examples were given beginning from medicine, co-meditation, in addition to the Bhagavad Gita and Holistic Philosophy.

4. The genetic codes by no means die and they may be carried over to future generations and the process keeps forever. Philosophical


The writer of this newsletter wishes readers healthy, wealthy and wealthy life.

Dr. Bhimarao Sathyanarayanan (sixty-four) is a multi-faceted personality in the sense that he’s a skilled administrator, trainer. Science creator, orator, literal critic and notably, a logician. He is M Sc. In Physics (1969). He worked as a PHYSICS LECTURER for two years at Annamalai University.Later he surpassed CAIIB exam in banking, insurance salesmanship and worked as Bank manager for 25 years.His Ph.D. is in Psychological counseling (HIV/AIDS). At the age of fifty (1997), he got voluntary retirement and again once more to the teaching profession. He taught ENGLISH and also carried out numerous HIV/AIDS intervention programmes. In 2005, he joined as a Physics Lecturer and is concurrently carrying out personality improvement publications and persevering with his writing assignments in English and Tamil. His call is covered inside the listing of global philosophers by Bowling Green State University, U.S.A. He based Physics discussion board in Sankara Arts and Science College and conducted numerous seminars and exhibitions in Physics. His specialization is Theory of relativity and the philosophy behind Einstein’s theories in particular area and time. He is the editor of the periodical “Philosophy of Science” and founder of HOLISTIC PHILOSOPHY SOCIETY. He is the author of the book ‘Glimpses of Holistic Philosophy and other articles’, published in 2010.