James Dondero Helps Provide Funding For Many Very Worthy Causes

Helping people can take many forms. Some people find themselves in the enviable position of being able to truly help others. One such person is James Dondero. Dondero is one person for whom philanthropy is not only something he does but a life’s calling. As a long term resident of Dallas, Texas, Dondero is devoted to making life better in his beloved city. His fiscal success has enabled him to fulfill his personal dreams. Over the course of his career in finance and as the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, Dondero has earned a following of loyal clients. They know they can count on his expertise when it comes to managing their own finances. His personal success in this field has enabled him to earn a good living. In doing so, Dondero has been able to realize his own personal goal of giving back to the community he loves so well.

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Supporting Great Organizations

James Dondero has made his home in Dallas since 1994. During that time, he’s put down deep roots in the community. He wants to make the city a more welcoming and loving place. This is why he’s been instrumental in creating the Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. The foundation is the philanthropic part of his company. The Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. has been heavily involved in many great regional organizations. Under the leadership of Highland Capital Management officers, they’ve done their best to locate organizations that they know can help residents of Dallas and all those making their home in Texas. Over time, they’ve offered support to important organizations such as SMU’s Tower Scholars program and Education is Freedom. These and other projects are highly important to staffers and to Dondero himself. Other, additional organizations have captured their attention and funding help in recent months.

The Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo is one of the nation’s leading zoos. People come here to see wildlife in their native habitat. Dondero has helped the zoo meet their educational and research goals. He provided the zoo with a million dollar donation. This donation has been used by zoo officials to create a new habitat for their adored hippos. The Highland Hippo Hut is one of the zoo’s most popular exhibits. It serves as a display for special educational activities designed to educate the public about these creatures as well as for many private events. This area is part of the zoo’s Wilds of Africa section. Here, people are introduced to the many animals that inhabit this part of the world. The extensive renovation that Dondero has helped finance helps zoo officials engage in many important conservation efforts that have helped preserve these magnificent creatures for posterity.

SMU Tower Scholars Program

Another program that is near and dear to Dondero is that of the highly respected SMU Tower Scholars Program. This program has been designed to help provide support for those students at SMU who have demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities. Recipients are students who are pursuing studies in subjects such as politics and international affairs. He and the program directors hope that it will help continue to stimulate an interest in providing people who are capable of offering ethical public service and assuming leadership roles in the community. Students selected by Dondero and his partners are given many important opportunities. They have the chance to study abroad with their peers. They also have the opportunity to gain access to high level public policy makers and learn how laws are made. These senior level internships at SMU are designed to offer support for the next generation of Dallas leaders.


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