Six Tips to Not Go Mad When Some Enemy Disconnected You From the Internet



No Internet access! Just when you planned to share a couple of brilliant ideas with the entire world somewhere at Facebook or Digg. Alternatively, to have a good time with a new on-line game, or to relax at an adult site…needless to say how many ingenious and useful things you lose out of somebody’s evil will. At long last (things happen) perhaps you even intended to work for a while. Now it’s all over and next couples of hours are fatally spoiled.

Do not panic and stop calling the support: the probability is that they handle it without you. Pull yourself together and, at last:

Relieve the computer of dust!

You mean you clean it regularly? The trick is that the main storage of dust is inside the base unit. You’ll be surprised to see how much of it is there. Don’t be afraid of the unit dismantling: an ordinary user, even a typical blonde can do this without the experience of a hardware specialist. The most important thing is to turn off the PC before. Cuticle scissors will do as an unscrewing tool, though screwdriver is a bit handier.


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Get at your bookmarks.

They really need sorting out. You will breathe again after deleting 80% of them (say, those ones devoted to your impulsion to study Japanese two years ago) without any compunction. The rest perfectly goes into four or five folders with several subfolders. When Internet connection recommences, you will be obliged to yourself for not having to stare hopelessly at the huge directory with no chance to find anything.

Recognize magic options of your browser.

Recent research has confirmed that most users are only familiar with 10-15% of them, while developers tirelessly invent something new every day to diversify surfers reality. For example, did you know most browsers can automatically fill in your personal info in the endless Web forms? A funnier feature (found only in Maxthon2 so far) is most likely supposed to be of “anti-boss” type: the possibility to rename the opened tabs. First that comes to you is giving to the favorite porn site a new name as “October market reports”, or whatever your boss (your wife, your boyfriend) expects.

Glance over all those places where you have already registered. All those logins and passwords, including those most meaningful ones like id8yit9ef which were invented for you by some maniac machine. Isn’t it the right time to create a special file to save them inside or outside the hard disk (depending on their value)? Certainly most of them are still in your mailbox, but it’s not only unsafe but also inconvenient especially if it’s in the same mess as your bookmarks.

After all this time Internet has been probably turned on. If not, still there are several places desperately waiting for your interference, as for example the mentioned mailbox, installed applications list, auto run list, and “My video” folder.

Bottom line. If you dreamed since long ago about starting your blog about something bright and significant, it’s the best moment to begin. You mean it’s impossible to do not being connected. Quite the contrary! That’s no great achievement in free registration, design template choosing and spamming your friends’ mailboxes with the URL of your masterpiece. The most backbreaking process is posts writing, and it’s quite enough to run “Word” for this. So, go ahead!