Finding Yourself in Others Today

Everyone thinks they know what they want in life e.g., fame, wealth, and etc. I believe that people crave these things because of a hidden hunger that is engrained within the foundation of who we are as human beings and I’m not speaking in the context of just biology, but in the context of what human beings have evolved into wanting more than anything else and that is being loved and being able to love someone else.

Love can be corny and at the same time can be so powerful that it can enable someone to gather the strength to overcome cancer and etc. But the true strength of love has been dampened over the years by unnecessary hate and greed, but it’s all is our own doing.

Our society has become severely blinded by things that doesn’t improve our lives in any way and in any way that would make us truly happy. We as a society think about the past so much that we are always thinking and talking about “what if it happened differently,” even when we know that nothing can change what has already happened. We worry about the future so much and at such a high constant rate that we stress ourselves way to much change and we forget that we have to live life today.


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We need to focus on today, this moment, this minute, this second, because we can’t change our lives worrying about what the “what ifs” and the unknown, because all of that is our of control. All we have control of is this moment, so before you make a decision, make sure you know it’s the right one, because what you do will be written in history so make it one event that won’t require a “what if” later in the future. Your future is directly connected to your past, but you can’t go back to the past or jump ahead, but if you want to ensure that your now turns into a “good past,” you must stop thinking about the past and most certainly stop worrying about tomorrow, when you have today to live. If you live for the moment everyday of your life then the one thing that you love will come out of hiding.

“The best way to become successful is to make others successful first and in order to be successful tomorrow, you must sacrifice today.” – Self.